Cosmetics innovation and cellular energy

Protect your skin thoroughly

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, forming the first protective barrier against the external environment. And so it is subject to considerable stress (pollution, UV rays, chemicals, etc.) and the natural aging process.

Mitochondria are small factories that produce cellular energy, necessary for cellular function and, simply, life. However, with time and stress, mitochondria weaken and produce less energy. As a result, the deficient mitochondria produce free radicals (= oxidative stress) that are harmful to the skin, especially when they accumulate in too large quantities. The cells are weakened and this leads to an alteration of the epidermis.

Numerous studies have shown that an alteration in energy metabolism (cellular energy) is concomitant with skin aging and/or exposure to environmental toxins.

As a result, biologically active ingredients capable of stimulating energy metabolism have a synergistic effect: protective and energizing.

Outsource your R&D in cosmetics

In recent decades, consumers have become increasingly aware of their environment and their natural well-being. Today, the cosmetics industry is reinventing itself by being on the lookout for natural, bio-sourced, and ecological products. Of course, these new active ingredients must combine performance and effectiveness. Our R&D is there to support you in these evaluation phases.

Think about your products differently!

In other words, outsource your R&D with Elysia Bioscience! This will enable you to discover the full potential of your natural active ingredients.

In the development of an innovative and original product, our services provide you with information about potential synergistic effects at the mitochondrial level.

For instance, our analyses will be able to tell you if there is an antioxidant effect (reduction in the production of free radicals) associated with an energizing effect (stimulation of energy production).

Image of a mitochondrial network

Taking care of your skin means caring about the well-being of its mitochondria, which produce the energy necessary for cellular vitality.

Analytical data of your active ingredients

This is why Elysia Bioscience accompanies you in this R&D process with its innovative technological tools. This way, you will obtain simple and detailed scientific data allowing you to:

  • Confirm and/or discover claims
  • Understand the mechanism of action of your active ingredient(s)
  • Increase the synergistic effect of mixed active ingredients
  • Evaluate efficacy and cytotoxicity

Optimizing your R&D with Elysia Bioscience

By collaborating with Elysia Bioscience, you will invest your money wisely, carrying out innovative R&D projects at the cutting edge of technology.

Also, you’ll have all our expertise to accompany you throughout your project, to save you time and money (no payroll, no equipment to finance and maintain).

Our offer is designed to support you in your R&D, and thereby facilitate the development of more effective products, without risk to health and the environment.

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