natural cosmetics services


Combining skills and innovation, Elysia Bioscience gives meaning to your R&D programmes. Attentive to your success, we support you through the different phases of early-stage studies of your active ingredients, which includes drafting the technical specifications of the project with a marketing emphasis of results. As each project is unique, our services are tailored to your needs and constraints.

Project support

Construct an R&D project with us to save time and money in later stages of development. Elysia Bioscience offers a range of services according to your budget and constraints

  • Define an R&D project: either starting from a blank sheet or merging into a ongoing project, we can provide advice on suitable solutions; we explain our process step by step.

  • Know the state of the art: We carry out customised bibliographic studies. This will give you a strong information background around your project.

  • Choose the biological study model: we use a range of cellular models. The in vitro/ ex vivo models reproduce the physiology of the skin as closely as possible. Elysia Bioscience offers in vitro 2D models (keratinocytes, fibroblasts) and models on skin explants. We also work with reconstructed epidermis.

  • Draft the specifications: we produce step-by-step technical briefs to easily follow the evolution of your project. You remain in control of your R&D programme. It summarises the study model, products tested, the experimental conditions, calendar, downstream analyses and Go/NoGo steps.

Tests & Analyses

We work using GLP guidelines (GPL-like) for all our experiments and analysis services.

Our tests & assays can quickly assess the effects of one or more active ingredients on cell viability. Is it energising and/or protective against oxidative stress? Is it safe or could it be cytotoxic? All these answers are provided through our expertise and tests measuring cell viability and proteomic analysis

Interpretation and marketing emphasis

Don’t spend endless hours deciphering scientific results, Elysia Bioscience is here to make your life easier. We interpret the results for you. What’s more, we provide you with personalised graphs, figures and explanations clear to all. No more endless meetings with questions to which you have no answer

We offer various solutions for this in the form of:

  • Interpretation of test results: we highlight the important elements taking into account all the tests & analyses conducted

  • We make sure everything is clear : thanks to our science outreach efforts and our focus on the overall picture, you will quickly and simply understand all the ins and outs of your results

  • Emphasis on marketing value: we translate scientific results into marketing arguments. We help you produce presentation materials in close collaboration with the communication / marketing department

  • Direct the next stages of R&D: at the end of each report, we can advise you on the next steps to be developed based on the results obtained

  • Patent drafting assistance: we can assist your patent filing firm in drafting your patent in order to maximise the value of the scientific results acquired. We facilitate the understanding between the different parties (scientific, commercial, marketing, legal).