Expertise in cell biology


Expertise in cell biology

With more than 25 years of combined experience in cell biology, the Elysia Bioscience team provides you its valuable expertise in energy metabolism and proteomic analysis.

Cell biology is the specific field of science that studies the cell, be it its structure, composition or function. The cell can be considered the basic unit of life. It is fragile and we must preserve it. This is why it is essential to evaluate the effect of your active ingredients and products at the cellular level, in order to ensure their safe use and their benefits.

Cells are also complex in their functions. Calling on our expertise will ensure that you do not miss out on an unsuspected beneficial effect of your active ingredients and products.

Our expertise in cell biology is made available to you through a range of services including experimental analysis and bespoke interpretation. We provide you with scientific and professional support in your exciting discoveries through cell biology

Expertise in energy metabolism

Cell metabolism produces the energy essential for cells to function. Without energy, cells die. Indeed, energy production is a tricky process that requires expertise to analyse meaningfully. Cellular vitality is always at the heart of the development of new cosmetic trends: energising, anti-oxidative, revitalising creams… Behind all these claims lies energy metabolism. We believe that energy metabolism must be harnessed to avoid stresses (UV, pollution, ageing, etc.) in order to enhance our skin.

What is the advantage of energy metabolism studies and proteomics analyses in cosmetics? A living cell needs energy but also a multitude of proteins having very diverse roles. By coupling energy metabolism studies with proteomics analyses, Elysia Bioscience can show you all the effects (claim, mode of action, efficacy, cytotoxicity) of your cosmetic products at the cellular or tissue level.

In practical terms, our work ranges from screening of molecules to research of synergistic activities between active ingredients, right through to product marketing positioning.

Scientific outreach

Cellular biology is a fascinating science that appears complicated at first glance. Making it accessible to everyone by facilitating understanding is essential. At Elysia Bioscience, we are convinced that science can be understood by everyone by explaining the relevant findings in simple terms.

Our science outreach support will facilitate communication between your collaborators (scientific or not) and with your consumers.