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We are committed to innovation; we have a strong policy of investment in R&D to meet the needs for new natural cosmetics. Through our expertise, we develop new R&D projects to meet your requirements as closely as possible. On average, we devote 40% of our time to R&D projects. Elysia Bioscience has its own fully equiped laboratory.

R&D in functional proteomics

At Elysia Bioscience, we develop “omics” type analyses, such as fonctional proteomic analyses. Proteomic analyses are capable of screening an entire set of proteins (otherwise known as the proteome) of cells or tissues. It is a powerful tool for discovery and product developement, as it can measure several thousand proteins at once. It provides rich information about claims, mode of action, efficacy and safety of a product

Proteomics analysis is performed in a functional way. Indeed, the classification of proteins is made according to their function and role in biological processes, such as energy production, the redox system, photosynthesis and their role in growth or defence…

We also help you to understand these results, which can appear complex at first sight. The results are discussed with you, and organised and presented according to your particular needs; this can be in the form of graphs and explanatory tables. The most important elements are highlighted.

Elysia Bioscience accelerates your R&D by proteomics analyses and energy metabolism studies

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Functional proteomic analysis

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