Proteomic analysis

What is proteomic analysis?

Proteomic analysis by mass spectrometry is a method of analysis that quantifies all the proteins present in a cell or tissue. In one single experiment, you can answer numerous questions, including the following:

  • How does my product work?
  • What are its potential applications?
  • Confirmation of effectiveness and non-toxicity

Studying the impact of a product on protein expression is indeed an essential step in obtaining data to facilitate strategic development decisions.

Evaluate the impact of your product in a comprehensive, unbiased way

Proteomic analysis by mass spectrometry is a complex analysis. That’s why we provide you with a simplified interpretation of the results. Indeed, we transform complex lists of proteins into visual diagrams and summaries that can be understood by all, at different levels. Our job, to guide you through all the ins and outs of your product at the cellular level.

Scientific data for the dossier of marketing authorization

In short, the power of proteomic analysis lies in its ability to provide very broad scientific data. Quantitative data is a strong point in your marketing authorization dossier. It will allow you to highlight your specific claims: Plant Defense Stimulants (PDS) or biocontrol against biotic stress, or biostimulants against environmental stress. indeed, you can get a picture of the impact of your molecules, at the cellular level, at any given time.

Proteomic analyses make it possible to compile a solid scientific demonstration dossier that can be understood by all.


  • Explore the mechanism of action
  • Discover and/or confirm potential applications
  • Obtain additional scientific data
  • Gain insight into the effect of a product at the cellular level


  • Global picture of the impact of your products, on a cellular scale
  • A wealth of information in a single experiment
  • Unbiased and very sensitive analysis
  • Small amount of sample

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To be precise, proteins are the result of gene expression. They also have a wide variety of roles (transformation/transport of compounds, regulation of oxidative stress, etc.) and are therefore essential to the smooth functioning of the cell.




Average weight (in Kg) of total protein in a healthy human body