Targeted approach

Targeted approach: Cellular and Molecular Biology

The targeted approach is recommended if you wish to analyze the mechanism of action in more detail or to assess the efficacy and/or toxicity of your products. For this, we employ a range of cellular and molecular biology tools and technology. The targeted analyses measure the expression of genes or proteins, energy potential, and enzymatic activity. We can carry out your experiments using plants or human cells. Human cells are highly dynamic and complex systems. For this reason, we have our own cell culture room to manipulate them safely. Indeed, Elysia Bioscience gives you access to targeted analyses on different cell lines (skin, liver, digestive…). This way, you can define the effect of your products under a range of conditions (concentration, stress, length of exposure). You can precisely analyze the impact of your products at the cellular level.

Turnkey and accessible targetted analyses

Targeted analyses allow you to generate relevant data at a lower cost. Also, you can verify that your data from other experiments are consistent with each other, or link them to a previously conducted exploratory approach. Our different tools can be used in different ways:

  • Provide more in-depth information
  • Discover candidate biomarkers and targets
  • Accurately evaluate the effects of your products.

As every analysis is unique, we are here to assist you in your choice of experimentation for an efficient and simple strategy.

Targeted approach and plant protection

For the evaluation of agro-ecological products, the targeted analyses can be performed on samples from plants grown in the laboratory, in greenhouses, or coming directly from field trials.

Targeted analyses provide detailed knowledge of plant protection mechanisms against diseases and various environmental stresses.

You can study targeted biomarkers under different treatment conditions. You can also reveal the energy potential of your products.

Targeted approach and cosmetics

Similarly, for cosmetics, our tools allow you to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of an active ingredient under different culture conditions. For example, different concentrations, different exposure times, different types of cell lines.

Thanks to the targeted analyses, you will have an accurate picture of the impact of your products, at the cellular level, in areas such as efficacy, toxicity, mechanism of action, and potential applications.

You will also be able to analyze the energizing potential of your products by determining their impact on energy production.

The targeted approach is recommended if you wish to analyze a mechanism of action in more detail or to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of a product.


  • Reveal the energising potential of your products
  • Detail the mechanism of action
  • Evaluate the efficacy/toxicity of a component
  • Obtain comprehensive scientific data


  • Detailed answer
  • Fast and accurate analysis
  • Specific to the desired target
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis